Periodontal Treatment Can Restore and Maintain the Foundation of Your Smile

Periodontal treatment performed at our Duluth, GA, practice can save your smile. Dr. Norton will evaluate for periodontal disease and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Periodontal disease progresses as the sulcus (pocket or crevice) between the tooth and gums gets filled with bacteria, plaque, and tartar, causing irritation to the surrounding tissues. When these irritants remain in the pocket space, they can cause damage to the gums and eventually the bone that supports the teeth!

If the disease is caught in the early stages (gingivitis) and no damage has been done, two regular cleanings will be recommended at an interval of either three or six months, depending on severity of the disease. You will also be given instructions on improving your daily oral hygiene habits.

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To protect your longterm oral health, we can perform effective periodontal treatments that help to manage the symptoms of gum disease.

If the disease has progressed to more advanced stages, a special ultrasonic periodontal cleaning (deep cleaning) will be recommended. It is usually done on one side of the mouth (called an upper and a lower quadrant) at a time while the area is numb. In this procedure, tartar, plaque and toxins are removed from above and below the gum line.  Ultrasonic periodontal therapy is the first step in the treatment and control of periodontal disease. While reaching below the gum line to remove bacteria, the ultrasonic cleaning instrument also irrigates the area with a medicated rinsing agent.  When necessary, we are able to place antibiotic medication beneath the gum line to help eradicate stubborn areas of infection that are resistant to the regular therapeutic procedures. This locally-placed antibiotic attaches to the tooth/gum area and remains for several days. If this is not successful in lessening the periodontal pocket depth to a manageable level, we sometimes use the dental laser to melt away the diseased tissue.This procedure helps gum tissue to heal and pockets to shrink. Medications, special medicated mouth rinses and an electric tooth brush may be recommended to help control infection and healing.

In some cases periodontal surgery may be needed to reduce pocket depths, making teeth and pockets easier to clean.  If surgery is needed, Dr. Norton will recommend that you see a Periodontist (a specialist for the gums and supporting bone).

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Did you know we can now clean your teeth faster and better than ever before?  Our Ultrasonic instrument uses a vibrating tip to remove plaque, tarter, stains and bacteria from your teeth. This is true even in areas below the gum line, where ordinary hand instruments or “scrapers” might cause discomfort. The ultrasonic vibrations are strong enough to remove hard calculus and stain but gentle enough not to harm your gums or teeth. When the vibrating tip is placed on the tartar, it breaks down and removes the build-up without the need to scrape and pick. The ultrasonic instrument also uses distilled water to flush out the harmful bacteria and tartar present in the little crevices between your gums and teeth.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning will improve the overall health and appearance of your teeth and gums. It will leave your teeth feeling cleaner than ever. You will find it to be a much more pleasant procedure than you are perhaps accustomed to with previous dental cleanings.

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