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Experience the Benefits of Laser Dentistry

happy coupleLaser dentistry is helping our Duluth, GA, practice deliver outstanding care.

Laser dentistry has emerged as an amazingly effective alternative to exclusive use of the dental drill. Our laser is capable of working on both hard and soft tissues (teeth, gums and other soft tissue) for dental restoration. The Waterlase Laser has the ability to bathe the teeth and tissues with soft laser energy which has an analgesic (pain-killing) effect. This eliminates the need for needles and shots. These laser procedures are approved by the FDA for both adults and children.  This is an amazing tool to use with children.  Being able to do dental restorations on your children without giving them any shots helps to make a visit to the dentist not such a dreaded experience. 

The Waterlase laser can significantly increase your comfort in the dental chair.  Nearly all of patients treated with the Waterlase system reported no discomfort during the laser procedure. These results are from a randomized, double-blind clinical trial conducted at the University Of The Pacific.  Please know that the Waterlase laser is not used to remove old silver mercury amalgam fillings or old crowns.  It is also not used to remove decay (a cavity) that is moderately to deeply entrenched in the tooth.

If treatment involves the removal of gum tissue, the use of another type of dental laser simply melts away the tissue resulting  in little or no bleeding, swelling, infection with little or no post-treatment discomfort and eliminates the need for any stitches.

Do Dental Laser Treatments Cost More?

A number of people ask if laser treatments, cost more than conventional treatments. The answer is NO. Lasers provide an alternative means of performing traditional dental treatments in a way that is easier and more comfortable for you.

Removal of Decay with Laser Treatment

If getting shots and listening to the constant high-pitched whine of a dental drill is not for you, then you will love Dr. Norton’s laser procedures. Our Waterlase Laser removes tooth decay in enamel or old composite (tooth-colored) fillings quickly and painlessly. Just think what no needles and an absolute minimum of drilling will mean during your dental visits.  As one of our new patients told us, she “will never go back to conventional dentistry!”

Detect Cavities Years Before Conventional Methods

Our Diagnodent diagnostic laser is one of the greatest advancements in diagnosis of dental decay since the x-ray. This incredible laser can harmlessly and painlessly find very small cavities, possibly years before they would have been found by conventional x-rays. It can frequently find defective areas around old crowns and bridges where decay is getting inside and under the crown. If tooth decay is present, Dr. Norton is alerted to not only the fact there is a cavity but this instrument gives him an indication as to how extensive it may be.

Laser Gum Procedures

Our dental lasers can be used for certain soft tissue procedures instead of using a scalpel as has been done in the past and is still done in many dental offices. The dental laser has many advantages over scalpel use. It uses an invisible energy beam to perform soft tissue procedures more efficiently and comfortably. This eliminates the necessity of a long recovery period sometimes experienced when a scalpel and stitches are employed.

Our Waterlase Laser can take away most of the pain from canker sores instantly and allow them to heal, usually within 48 to 72 hours. For significant results, treatment should occur within the first 24 hours after onset is noticed. The laser can also kill the viruses that cause cold sores, allowing rapid healing. Gentle, penetrating laser energy also stimulates healing at the cellular level. This is called photobiomodulation or biostimulation.

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