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These dental patient testimonials can help you understand the quality of care our Duluth, GA, practice can offer.



This young woman was recommended to us by one of our patients. She was very dissatisfied with the shape, arrangement and color of her natural teeth. We discussed Invisible braces as an option to straighten her teeth, and an in-office teeth whitening treatment to help lighten them. Her feeling was that she had lived with it as long as she could, and was ready for an immediate change. This made her a perfect candidate for a very thin style veneer. It involved very little removal of tooth structure. Due to the contour of her teeth up near the gum line, she was not a good candidate for the type of veneers that involve no tooth preparation. The only place where there had to be more tooth structure removed was on a couple of crooked teeth that were out of alignment with the rest of her upper teeth.

She was overjoyed with the outcome of her treatment and said, “I feel so confident now I just smile all the time.”



Mike came to us with the desire to replace some old crowns on his front teeth that just looked “worn out” to him. Upon examination I found that his gums had receded in several areas, leaving some unsightly areas at the junction of the top of the crown and the root of the tooth. The teeth looked rather lifeless. They didn’t have the life-like translucency that can be achieved with proper utilization of modern materials and techniques available to us today. He was also concerned that several of his lower front teeth were crooked and uneven on the biting surfaces.

We reconstructed his smile with a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns. In doing so, we were able to straighten all the crooked teeth (“instant orthodontics”) and bring them into excellent alignment. He is now extremely pleased with his “dental makeover.”



Ron, who learned of us through our website, was very despondent about his smile. Upon examination, I found he had some upper right teeth that were beyond the point of saving. He elected to have them extracted, replacing them with implants. After healing for a few months, we built crowns on them that looked like natural, vibrant teeth. He had several other old restorations that were severely discolored, and a crown on one of his front teeth that was showing a dark line at the top. This is a very common occurrence because many older crowns have metal underneath the porcelain. When the gum recedes, as all gums will in time, the unsightly dark line appears. With the modern techniques we use today, this is no longer a problem. The restorations are constructed entirely of porcelain, with no unsightly metal whatsoever.

Ron elected to have his upper teeth restored first. He is so pleased with the outcome. He told us that when he came here for our complementary cosmetic consultation, he felt there was nothing that could be done for him. He commented, upon completion of the work, “This is better than I ever could have imagined!”



When we first met Danise, she was so self-conscious about her teeth she had developed a habit of smiling in an unusual way, to minimize showing her front teeth. She had previously had 6 crowns done on the upper front teeth to close gaps between some them. It seems that no consideration was given to the ratio of the height of the tooth to its width. As a result, the crowns made the teeth look almost square. She was never pleased with the outcome. She also had some severe discoloration of her lower front teeth from tetracycline staining.

We were able to use one of our lasers to gently recontour the gum tissue above the upper front teeth. This made it possible, when we remade the new crowns, to achieve much better proportions, and a nice, finished appearance. We also did veneers on her lower teeth to cover all the unsightly staining. Danise has a natural, beautiful smile now. She is very pleased with her new “look.”



Paul became familiar with our practice through our website as he was planning a move to Atlanta from a nearby state. He told us how he was embarking on a new career in Atlanta, and how unhappy he’d been with his crooked teeth all his adult life. He wanted immediate changes to greatly enhance his smile.

We met Paul a few weeks later and found he had severely displaced upper front teeth, plus several other rotated and mal-aligned teeth. We sat down together and considered a number of options. Looking at the different shapes and shades of teeth, he decided on the most cosmetically enhancing smile, which included reconstructing his bite. We had our laboratory fabricate wax models of how we thought the final result should be, and presented these to Paul. He was very pleased and excited about the change that was about to take place. We prepared all upper and lower teeth that same day. He left with temporary veneers very closely resembling the size, shape and shade of the all-porcelain veneers he would receive in a couple of weeks. We placed all the veneers at the next appointment, and Paul was elated with the results. He entered his new and prestigious position in Atlanta with complete confidence.

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